Fabric sofas can be very nice and cozy. However, they can also be a terrible problem when you intend to clean them. Spills and dirty spots are inevitable to happen. If you use plastic covers, you can decrease the cleaning times but nowadays people do not like to cover their sofas. In fact, you need fast and simple solutions to clean fabric sofas naturally.

One of the necessary skills that everyone must have is the capability to clean their great sofa and pay attention to how they can get rid of unavoidable stains naturally. To do this, you should utilize the most suitable cleaning solution and know how you can do it effectively.

For example, it is more appropriate to start by cleaning dirty spots, and then you should let the sofa dry. Whether you are facing an unpredictable spill of milk or anything that can cause a nightmare on your comfortable sofa every day, we share the solutions here and we will teach you how to clean them without difficulties. In the next, we will describe the steps of a useful sofa cleaning.

How to clean fabric sofas naturally?

clean fabric sofas naturally

To begin with, some significant tips are essential to know before any cleaning. You need to keep these points in your mind when you want to clean fabric sofas naturally. we listed them as follows:

1. You should review your manufacturer’s instructions

It is important to consider and check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before trying to clean the stain from your sofa due to each kind of sofa has its features and neglecting this issue can lead to a disaster and worse the situation. In addition, this can invalidate the warranties of your sofa. Therefore, look glance at the instructions and then start your work.

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2. The tags can resolve many cleaning questions

If you do not have access to the manufacturer’s instructions or lost it, do not worry. There is a tag on the sofa that will help to understand how you can clean your sofa. Pay attention that one side of the sofa may contain different information and make sure what you read when you want to clean your sofa.

3. You should never deviate from the suggested cleaning techniques on the tags

Some people believe that water can destroy the stains very well without considering the tags. According to this way, you are going to be in an unpleasant condition. Water itself can create stains on your sofa. So, always pay attention to the tags. They are the best methods for your couch.

Here, we mentioned tags that can be seen on sofas. According to this, you can find how you can clean your sofa:

W – You can clean these products with water.

S – When cleaning these products, water should not be used at all. You should buy a particular solvent-based cleaner.

WS – you can clean your sofa with water or solvent-based cleaner.

X: you must only vacuum the sofa and do not apply any kind of cleaners like water or solvent-based.

Different steps to clean fabric sofas naturally

In this part, we explained various steps to clean fabric sofas naturally as below:


Suppose you are a person who is always vacuuming their sofa repeatedly. BrighteX recommended using a dust buster to remove the dirty spots from your sofa. Also, you can vacuum the base of the couch.


Another way to clean the heavy dust or dirty pieces on your sofa is to apply a stiff bristle brush. Polish the dirty areas and vacuum them carefully to not ruin the fabric.

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Clean the fur

These methods belong to those who have pets in their house and cleaning their house is essential for these house owners. Luckily, some companies sell special products to solve this problem. One of them is BrighteX which values customer needs and can provide the best services for upholstery cleaning. You can check our services online and our experts will answer your inquiries soon.

Sometimes a vacuum cleaner can not answer what you require. Therefore for removing the fur, you can use a lint brush. Make sure you do not overlook any hair.

Manage stains

To manage stains, you are free to use this way but you should ensure that you tested this solution in the past and it was okay. To do this, combine a teaspoon of washing liquid, white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water and start cleaning!

Baking soda

Baking soda can assist you very much to eliminate dirty spots, this material works immediately and you can apply this powerful substance to your backrest and crevices too.
Also, You can utilize baking soda, but as we mentioned before, you should be certain it can solve your problem and it will not turn into a nightmare. You should distribute baking soda all over the sofa and leave it for at least 20 minutes. In fact, you can let it free for one hour.

baking soda to clean fabric sofa naturally


In this essay, we attempted to get familiarize you with how to clean fabric sofas naturally. At first, we expressed an introduction. Next, we explained the most important points and some suggestions to clean your sofa successfully. BrighteX is waiting for your kind regards and comments. This company is famous for its satisfying quality upholstery services. You can send your inquiry right now!

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