Dryer Vent Cleaning

What we do for dryer vent cleaning?


In order to prevent fires, dryer vents remove heat generated during the drying cycle. Spaces without access to outer walls typically require an indoor dryer vent. Dryer vents that run indoors use a filtration system to capture lint instead of running through walls or windows.

Dryer vent cleaning is so important. You should do it frequently because with a cleaned dryer vent you can save your money, time, and energy and prevent any dangerous event such as fire. Many home fires are because of the dryer vents.

Doing laundry consumes time. You will have to spend even more time and energy on that chore when your dryer is not working properly. Lint accumulates through your dryer vent as your dryer pushes lint into the lint trap. Airflow is restricted by the accumulation of lint. Your dryer will not perform at its best due to this restriction in airflow. In addition to wasting energy and costing more to dry each load, it can reduce the drying speed.

With a dryer vent cleaning service, you will have a dryer vent for a long time. If you care about that and keep it cleaned, you do not need to change or repair it very soon.

Considering these issues, it is our mission to give you a high-quality dryer vent cleaning service and provide a clean and safe place for you.

About BrighteX

BrighteX gives you a high-quality dryer vent cleaning service with care about details.

We have considered ourselves responsible to provide a clean and healthy environment for you since many years ago.

Moreover, we strive to maintain an open and concise line of communication with our clients.

Whether this is your first time using this service or you are looking to have a good experience, let us create that experience as unforgettable.

It is the mission of our trusty team to provide a healthy and clean environment for our customers. This is what sets them apart from the rest. They bring life back to your place and that is what makes them exceptional.

In which cities do we provide our services?

If you are located in these cities, we are honored to perform dryer vent cleaning for you:

1. Vancouver        2. North Vancouver        3. West Vancouver        4. Burnaby

5. New Westminster        6. Coquitlam        7. Port Coquitlam        8. Port moody

9. Richmond        10. Surrey


Fires caused by dryer vents are among the most common causes of home fires. So if you desire to avoid a huge financial loss, it is important to consider have a dryer vent cleaning service regularly.

Cleaning dryer vent depends on many things like age of your dryer. We recommend you to do it once a year at least.

Maybe you can clean your dryer vent yourself if it is short. But sometimes it become difficult to manage it. You can book this service with only some clicks in this page and give a high-quality service.

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