"Very prompt very courteous responsible on time very good work really really happy with this product and the person that performed my carpet cleaning and my upholstery cleaning really really thrilled thank you so much would use them anytime again.Roxanna."
fb-Bluegrass Image
fb Bluegrass
"He was timely, cost-effective PLUS his attentive care to the carpets AND furniture made this a very good experience. Try them! I am very pleased."
Mary-D.-Manning Image
Mary D. Manning
"One of the best cleaning service available. Super satisfied with the service."
Arnob Saha Image
Arnob Saha
"We just hired Brightex carpet cleaning before we move in to our new town house. Very punctual. They got in, took care of some serious stains on the carpet and wrapped up in no time with very affordable prices…"
Kami Yazdani Image
Kami Yazdani
"On time , great quality . Attention to detail. Farshid has great workmanship
Praveen-s Image
Praveen s
"The staff did an outstanding job and bring life back to our place. Very professional and great customer service. I will be using this company again definitely."
Peyman Nezafatkhah Image
Peyman Nezafatkhah
"I am very happy with the carpet cleaning, arrived on time - very friendly, helpful and professional! Did a very good job at getting out tough stains - the carpet looks great! Highly recommended and will definitely use again!"
Kevin Boyle Image
Kevin Boyle
"It was my first time booking a carpet cleaner and honestly was the easiest thing I’ve done. It was a super last minute request as I needed it for the next day, Farshid had told me that nothing was available but after a few moments he said I can get you in for 8 AM. AMAZING!!! a couple carpet burns were a challenge but not a problem for them you could barely tell! Customer Service was quick and efficient and honestly super affordable. I will definitely be using their services again when the time comes! Keep it up!"
Juliette Alvarez Image
Juliette Alvarez
"I recently experienced a very unfortunate paint mishap where a family member placed a very white can of paint on top of dark carpet in my condo hallway. It left a large circle of paint on the carpet, which they then tried to clean up with water and paper towel. Needless to say, it made the problem worse. There was also another paint spillage towards the elevator (which they thankfully did not touch). I didn't know about it until the next day when the paint had already had time to dry. I called around and some places quoted outrageous hourly pricing. One company even said that the paint had probably set so it was futile and I was better off getting the carpet replaced. Luckily, I found Brightex and Farshid was available that afternoon. He was very friendly and professional. Couldn't promise me anything but he said he'd try his best. It was a long and tough job (I could hear the vacuuming and scrubbing from inside the unit) but he persevered and he actually got it done!!!! I am still amazed. He cleaned it so well, I checked the brighter spots by the door very closely afterwards, there are no remnants of paint. If I ever need carpet cleaning again, he'll be my first call."
Winnie W
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