Residential Power Washing

What is power washing?

residential power washing

Residential power washing is the act of washing with high-pressure water to clean dirt and floor pollution especially seams between surfaces.

In residential power washing, we use a machine that we can do high-pressure washing with. We change the amount of pressure depending on the type of surface.

Residential Power washing has a good advantage; in power washing, we use heated water. With heated water washing, we make sure that everything may be cleaned even tough pollutions like grease or a serious case of grime.

Also with power washing, every weed will be removed. The heated water limits their growth and it helps you to have a clean, flat and beautiful environment.

Why power washing must be done?

commercial power washing in BrighteX

When power washed, harmful contaminants are removed that can damage your home’s siding if not removed. Eventually, mould, mildew, and algae can migrate under the siding, resulting in expensive replacements and significant health risks.

Also, your home will become damaged over time if contaminants are left untreated. It is significantly more expensive to replace siding, shingles, or concrete than to have them regularly cleaned. Your home will last longer if you power wash it regularly, saving you money in the long run.

When washing your home, power washing is more effective and thorough than hand scrubbing. The time it takes to scrub your house by hand is significantly greater than that of using a power washer.

About BrighteX

In BrighteX, details are important for us and we understand your problems and needs.

For several years, we have been committed to providing residential power washing service of the highest quality.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we maintain clear and concise lines of communication with them.

Whether it is your first time using this service or you’re looking for a memorable experience, try us out to get the best experience.

Providing a clean and healthy environment is the mission of our trustable team. The work they do brings life back to your place, and that is what makes them outstanding.

In which cities do we provide our services?

Our residential power washing services are available in the following cities:

1. Vancouver        2. North Vancouver        3. West Vancouver        4. Burnaby

5. New Westminster        6. Coquitlam        7. Port Coquitlam        8. Port moody

9. Richmond        10. Surrey


Depending on the materials used to create a surface and its current condition, you may need to power wash it more frequently. You should power wash your surfaces at least once a year for the majority of surfaces.

The difference between doing residential power washing yourself and professional power washing is clear. It is more efficient and effective to have trained residential power washing technicians take care of the job for you, as they have better equipment and more expertise.

We have professional technicians and doing their job with high quality is a priority for them. We know how to use residential power washing equipment and we know how much water pressure is suitable for what surface.

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