Nowadays, people opt to use intelligent solutions regarding basic house cleaning due to their responsibilities in life and work. Another vital factor is that research proved that a neat home can decrease stress significantly. So, if you see your home as unclean and feel unpleasant, it is natural. In fact, a dirty house will increase anxiety and decrease your concentration. Therefore, the easiest way to have less pressure in a world that is full of different stress and strain is to obtain a home that is tidy and well-ordered.

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Are you exhausted from looking at a home where it is not neat and clean when you came back home after a busy day? In this article, BrighteX let you have access to the best possible way of cleaning your house easily and you can save your time for other important work. BrighteX invites you to explore the most fruitful tips when it comes to cleaning a house. Keep on reading!

What is included in a basic house cleaning?

As we mentioned above, the cleaner your house is, the better quality of life you will experience. In this part, we will show you how you can clean your house effectively. Before starting to make your home tidy, notice these facts as referred to below:

Clear away the clutter

Before you begin a deep clean, you must grab any kind of things that are on the floor or the furniture so that you can clean dirty spots easily.

Have a smart plan

Remember that you should have a timetable and consider how much time it will take to clean each room. For instance, if you have a large house, do not hesitate to clean it in a few days.

Make ready what you need

basic house cleaning kit

If you ensure that everything for cleaning is provided, then you can have your home tidy successfully. Here, you can see the necessary products:

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• Dusting fabrics (microfiber works best). • Gloves to protect your hands. • Multi-purpose cleaner. • Sponges. • Vacuum with extension accessories. • White vinegar. • Window as well as glass cleaner. • Wood cleaner and/or gloss.

Deep Cleaning

This type of cleaning focuses on the bathroom and kitchen parts. this kind of cleaning is completely different from other types of cleaning. Meaning that other home cleaning kinds focus on getting rid of dirty spots like inside cabinets.

The deep cleaning areas can be included as below:

• Dusting or washing the blinds • Wipe out the inside of the washer and dryer • Scrub baseboards • Clean drawers and inside cabinets • Clean the inside of the oven • Spot cleaning • Clean the windows

Routine Cleaning

Another famous way of cleaning is that you can have a weekly or monthly plan to clean your house from time to time.

basic cleaning house

This method is more common among people. The routine cleaning spots can be obtained as follows:

• cleaning windows and mirrors • Vacuuming carpets and rugs • Cleaning the kitchen • Tidying up the house • Removing cobwebs • Cleaning the bathrooms –toilet, sink.

Call a cleaner

The third possible way to utilize this is by calling a cleaner. By this, you can record your time if you are busy and tired. However, you should pay attention to some significant issues like:

• Tidy your home before the cleaner comes • Express what you need and your expectations. • If you have pets, keep them away. Pets can cause a great distraction for your cleaner.

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Basic House Cleaning points

In this part, we described some vital tips you should be aware of:

Try to clean the house completely.

In basic house cleaning, cleaning can be very advantageous if you choose one task together compared to cleaning every part of the house separately. Doing it in the same task will let you not feel like you are in an interminable cleaning circle.

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Get rid of the clutter

As we said before, you should clear the clutter as soon as possible. This will let you distinguish dirty areas faster.

Dust and vacuum

It is recommended that do the dusting first and ensure you pick up any dust from your carpet when you clean bookshelves or picture frames. Maybe those dust is left on your carpet when you are doing the dusting, because of this, you can clean the dust entirely and no extra grime remained.

vacuuming for basic house cleaning

Make a cleaning group

If you form a group in your family, you can divide tasks. By this, your cleaning will finish quickly. Also, working together can add to some amusement and no one will feel tired.

Microfiber fabrics are your urgent cleaning equipment

Microfiber towels can facilitate your cleaning task and those who are specialists in this field emphasize using this cleaning tool.


In this article, BrighteX shared with you some practical advice about basic house cleaning. At first, we looked a glance at cleaning solutions and then explain the most essential cleaning points. Also, those tips aid you to have a good cleaning schedule that is beneficial and time-saving. In the end, BrighteX offers you a various range of products and services online. In addition, you can find residential services on the BrighteX website and call our experts. We are waiting for your kind regards. Click here!

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  1. Thanks to this article. I clean the kitchen, living room and bathroom once a week. I have a deep cleaning house process every week! I always try to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean. I may sound a little obsessive, but I love cleanliness!

  2. your explaination was complete, thank you, but in my opinion routine cleaning should be done every two or two days instead of weekly or monthly, or even some parts of the house, like the kitchen, every day.

    1. Hi dear Landon
      Thanks for sharing your opinion.
      Yes, it is very well. we all know all of these tips are just recommendation and if you can do it more, absolutely it will be to your advantage.
      It’s our pleasure reading your advice

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