Do you feel tired of looking at the dirty driveway when you go to work and there is no practical way to avoid this problem? Well, you found the right place for some driveway power washing tips!

Well, maybe you cost a great amount of money to have a beautiful and clean driveway and you want to return to the past and have this bright and great part of your outside as the first days. As you know, stains from oil leaks, mould and mildew, and chemicals such as fertilizers and deicing salts are inventible but they can not destroy your environment if you are familiar with the practical methods and tips that how you can remove them.

Here are some useful tips for cleaning your driveway that you can take advantage of them to protect and keep it clean for several years effectively. Look no further and try to remember these great and serviceable tips when it comes to driveway power washing.

Next, we explained the most important tips which play a vital role in cleaning the driveway. Just follow us and enjoy reading this interesting article!

Driveway power washing tips

If you go to work and have a busy schedule so you need a professional to assure that your driveway is pleasing as it was. Then, here at BrighteX which suggested the highest standards, take care of any cleaning work you may need to finish.

1. Brush down the driveway

Before using power tools, we would recommend you brush down the driveway first. To get the best result, always utilize simple methods to remove dust or any possible materials on your driveway.

Do not forget to move your vehicle from the driveway before starting to clean it. also, close any windows or doors while you are cleaning the driveway to avoid cleaning the house after you’ve finished with the driveway.

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2. Make certain to degrease properly

The second and most important step, you should remove the oily parts very well from your driveway. Try to clean these spots as possible as they can be disappeared.

3. make ready pressure washer 

It is your turn to use the pressure washer. If you have manual notes which is in the packages, it is very good to read them carefully so that you can work with pressure washers correctly due to its feature and it is always beneficial to understand how to work with them rightly.

4. Get your driveway looks pleasing and new

Before washing your driveway with water, you should use some detergent for the area that you intend to clean. Also, assure that you spray the detergent over dirty spots. Then wash the area completely so there are no grease stains or grime on your driveway.

In addition, at this time, you can get rid of weeds beside your driveway. The finest to assure that those weeds do not come back is to apply a strong weed killer and ruin the weeds by using a fork. Also, you can apply kiln-dried sand and a brush to eradicate those troublous weeds from your appealing driveway.

5. use the pressure washer

In the end, it is time to use the pressure washer. If you find a thick piece of grease, keep the pressure washer a little longer. One interesting point is that Brightex offers you a pressure washer with high quality and a reasonable price.

6. ensure you let your driveway dry

After doing the previous steps carefully, you should wait to have a driveway that is dried totally. It is suggested that do not take the car on the driveway.

Driveway power washing

Some advantageous tips about driveway power washing

Tip 1: be informed that some acidic cleaning ways may hurt the driveway. It is appropriate to try it in a small part of the area at first.

Tip 2: the sooner you clean leaves, grease spots, and other possible chemicals, the more comfortable to clean any stains they cause behind.

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Tip 3: try to not apply deicing chemicals due to their possibility of damaging the shape of the driveway, they can create spalling and scaling.

What should you do about cleaning the driveway in winter?

  • Before winter comes, you should clean stains, twigs, and leaves from your driveway.
  • You must reseal your driveway every two years
  • You should clean snow from the driveway as soon as possible to prevent freezing that can break your driveway without difficulty.
  • Try to not use thawing material on your driveway. Sometimes these chemicals can create huge damage to your driveway
driveway power washing  


In this compelling essay, we attempt to familiarize you with how to clean the driveway and do driveway power washing in a smart way. After that, we described the most significant tips about washing the driveway. Next, we referred to the helpful points of how you can keep clean your driveway when the cold season starts. Also, these tips assist you to find a way that is quietly fast and cheap, meaning that, if you arrange a new driveway or repair it by calling a professional it will cost you greatly and requires a huge amount of money.

In the end, BrighteX lets you have a various range of products online, they are cost-effective and reasonable in price. The other amazing service is its home cleaning services that you can set it online. For any further help contact us. Waiting for your kind comments soon!

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If you want to prolong the lifespan of your driveway and ensure it stays in good shape, we recommend cleaning it every one to two years.

Depending on the condition, it can take between 3-5 hours to clean a standard two-car driveway.

A full restoration requires resanding and resealing after the paving has dried, which can take another 4-6 hours.

It is your right to doubt. We have proven and professional experience in cleaning services. We have been working for years in Canada and our trained team has a mission; to work in high quality.

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