Residential Cleaning

What is Residential Cleaning?

residential cleaning service in brightex

Residential cleaning service is cleaning households and preparing them as clean and healthy environments for you and your children.

We as a residential cleaning service provider are responsible to make your house clean, and healthy and destroying any treat and bacteria. This home cleaning service focuses on things around the house, such as floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

For being successful in residential cleaning, we have a positive attitude and dedication to excellence. Because of our experience over the years, you can see our strength, efficiency, and respect for the home we clean.

What are Commercial and Residential Cleaning Differences?

residential cleaning service in brightex

Commercial cleaning is for business cleaning while residential cleaning is for houses. Commercial cleaning can be defined as cleaning up waste, cleaning up hazardous materials, or cleaning up heavy filth. You can hire a residential cleaning service to clean your bathroom, bedrooms, and floors around your home.

Some people think commercial cleaning is better and more effective. The truth is that commercial cleaning companies do not clean better than residential cleaning companies, they only clean different things. Rather than thinking that a commercial service means a deeper or superior clean, those who need a residential service should stick with one.

About BrighteX

At BrighteX, we are responsible to pay attention to details and our team knows what you need and what your problems are.

Since many years ago, we have provided high-quality residential cleaning service.

In addition, we are committed to keeping the lines of communication between us and our clients open and concise.

So if you want to create a memorable experience, or if this is your first time using this service, try us first.

It is the mission of our trusty team to provide a healthy and clean environment for our customers. This is what sets them apart from the rest. They bring life back to your place and that is what makes them exceptional.

In which cities do we provide our services?

If you are located in these cities, we are honored to perform residential cleaning for you:

1. Vancouver        2. North Vancouver        3. West Vancouver        4. Burnaby

5. New Westminster        6. Coquitlam        7. Port Coquitlam        8. Port moody

9. Richmond        10. Surrey


It is your right to doubt. We have proven and professional experience in cleaning services. We have been working for years in Canada and our trained team has a mission; to work in high quality.

It is better if you pick up any unused items. This helps us a lot for doing faster and more efficiency working.

In every house we provide residential cleaning service, we do our work with the utmost respect and care. If anything happen to any item in your house, we are responsible to repair or replace them.

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