Today, having stains on a carpet is unavoidable even if you are careful and cleaning is your priority. It can happen accidentally which can put you in a bad disaster. For example, a child can spill tea or coffee on the carpet that you like and give it to your lovely friends, this will make you sad but there are some techniques which can save the carpet you are interested in but you should do these techniques to clean carpet stains carefully and it needs your patience too.

Nowadays, people are very busy due to their work schedule and they necessitate removing dirty spots as soon as possible. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that even the best carpet cleaning solution is often water. It is suggested to use water instead of any other possible way. In this essay, we will discuss some practical techniques to help you to remove the stain on your carpet. Just follow us and enjoy reading this attractive article until the end!

How to clean carpet stains

Carpets and rugs add up to the beauty of the atmosphere and when people return to their homes they can feel relaxed and forget about what they did. This lets them imagine themselves in their ideal place. For this reason, carpets play a vital role in our physical and mental health. However, dirty shoes, food, and drinks spill can create upsetting stains. Fortunately, every kind of stain must be cleaned immediately. But the more it stays, the more difficult it is to remove. Here, we explained some ways for each type of stain accordingly:

As we mention, it is recommended to clean the stain with water in the first action but if you are in a situation where can not use water. Here, we described some steps to remove annoying spots. In the next, we will explain some useful solutions to assist you effectively when it comes to stains.

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clean carpet stains

Step 1: Remove excess as soon as possible

If you pick or remove the excess coffee or thick liquid with a spoon, you clean it effectively. In fact, you prevent a stain turn into a permanent spot on your carpet. This lets you have fewer difficulties removing the dirty side of your carpet.

Step 2: Identify the stain

If you know what caused the stain, you can use the techniques to remove that stain fast. You can distinguish the methods from the stain smell, its location on your carpets, and its colour. Each of these can aid you to treat the stain correctly.

Step 3: use a carpet stain remover.

After that you remove the excess you should use a stain remover, there are many high-quality removers in the market but you should consider one crucial matter, you should not use a remover or spray many times to clean the stain.

Techniques for removing stains from your carpet

Clean carpets create an appealing environment and a beautiful and clean carpet can let you have a fresh start and a place where you can find peace and rest so cleaning and getting rid of stains is the most significant issue for everyone in their homes.

Once you get familiar with how to remove stains from the carpet, you will be ready to clean these spots even if they are on your carpet inevitably. Here, we mentioned possible stains consequently.

clean carpet stains


If you see blood on your carpet, to clean carpet stains like this, use cold water then blot with a clean cloth, repeat this until the stain is removed.

Candle wax

To clean the candle wax, pick an ice pack and scrape it on the wax until it is shaped thick. Then, break the wax slowly and gently. After this, vacuum the pieces.


If you are keen on having chocolate in your break time or if you have a child that they are interested in a different kind of chocolate, it is usual that you see chocolate stain on your carpet. To remove a chocolate stain, you should use a knife to run the chocolate. If you see melted chocolate on your carpet, use a plastic bag containing ice pieces and rub over the stain to harden melted chocolate after that pick those pieces and vacuum that area.

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Coffee or tea

clean carpet stains

To remove coffee or tea, we offer to use a dry cloth and scrape on that spot.

Fat-based stains (butter, margarine, gravy, etc.)

Here, you can apply baking soda. Spray the baking soda on the stain and let it remain for six hours. Then, vacuum and blot with a wet cloth.


Try to peel gum as much as you can. Then, put a bag of small pieces of ice over it and let it shape and harden. Then remove the gum with a spoon or knife. After all these steps, vacuum the area.


Clean carpet stains from carpets are the most important thing for home and furniture. People tend to use and apply easy and fast-responding solutions due to their busy life. Those steps we at BirghteX explained are cheap and reasonable. It belongs to everyone and all people of different ages can try it even those with difficulties and disabilities.

Our mission is that provides you with the best and the right information about practical techniques for getting out of stain on your carpet along with providing professional cleaning service. We hope that you consider this article useful after reading it. for sharing your ideas, you can leave your comments below, and we will answer you soon. For any further help, do not hesitate to contact us. Click here!

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The amount of soiling within the carpet, the length of the pile, and the temperature of the interior and exterior will all play a role.

Definitely not. Among major carpet manufacturers, hot water extraction is the preferred method. In general, embedded dirt and other contaminants are best removed by this method.

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  2. I once spilled a glass of tea on the carpet and as you said, I first cleaned it with a spoon and then I used the stain remover. It is very practical and easy!

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