Nowadays, a lot of people believe that exterior cleaning is more important than inside their cars. It is true that exterior cleaning is essential but your dashboard area is the first area that your passengers will pay attention to. It is okay if you see a dirty dashboard full of dust, and grime, there are some tips that you can explore here and get rid of cleaning an automobile dashboard.

A dashboard is a significant area that is suited directly to the head of a vehicle’s driver. It shows information like fuel level, speed, and oil pressure. For this reason, keeping clean this part in your car is the most significant issue. It can increase your safety greatly. However, today’s new dashboard can be a place of dirty spots. BrighteX is here to suggest you the most appropriate way of cleaning a car dashboard. In addition, there are some cleaners formulated with chemicals that can be harmful. This is not the perfect way due to having some dangerous materials which can be touched by you and create harmful illnesses.

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Some crucial Tips for cleaning an automobile dashboard

cleaning an automobile dashboard

  • Vacuum the total environment of the dashboard using a soft brush.
  • Try to apply a soft towel to gather the dust.
  • Utilize a small brush to clean dashboard knobs.
  • Wash each clean site by wiping with a microfiber.
  • Use a clean towel to dry the surface again.

How to Clean Your Car’s Dashboard

As we said above, the dashboard area can let you have access to many vital functions because of this, maintaining this area clean in a good way can add up to your security. It is acceptable that cleaning a dirty dashboard is boring but it is uncomplicated work to do. You need to take care of some steps to clean your dashboard accurately.

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At first, if you tend to clean your car dashboard correctly, you should recognize different substances that make your dashboard dirty, then make your dashboard ready to be clean, etc. we explained every step you need to know as follows:

Recognize different substances that make your dashboard dirty

As it is clear, the dashboard is a place that includes different materials. Various substances necessitate different cleaning products and techniques that are serviceable and efficient to use. Next, we categorized every kind of trash that can be on your dash.

Rubber, Plastic, and Vinyl Dashboards

If you have a rubber or plastic dashboard you can utilize cleaning products due to their strength and hard surfaces. If you have a vinyl dashboard, BrighteX suggested buying protective vinyl spray at the end of your cleaning work.

Leather Dashboards

Leather dashboards are a little difficult to clean due to their chemical sensibility compared to new vehicle models that are man-made leather. If you find your dash artificial, you can apply chemical cleaners.

Prepare the Surface for Cleaning by Removing Large Debris

Before you start to use any cleaners, you must remove any large debris that can be easily picked up by you. According to this, you can identify other unclean spots and increase your concentration. Also, you can vacuum the area to get rid of large debris. To clean small debris a microfiber towel can opt.

cleaning an automobile dashboard

Clean the Gauge Cluster

Now it turns to gauge clusters that are normally the most difficult areas to clean, as they are a lovely place for dust, dirt, and debris. Try to clean this area carefully with a microfiber towel. Even using gentle pressure can damage the surface. Also, you can add a little warm water to the microfiber towel to facilitate picking up dust and debris.

Clean any Electronic Screens

Modern cars have appealing electronic screens. These areas can absorb dirt and smudges so it is necessary to clean them daily.

For cleaning an automobile dashboard, one main issue is that you should read the owner’s manual very carefully to see if there are any particular suggestions about cleaning your screen. Various systems may need special products.

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To start, you can clean any light dirt with a soft bristle brush. Do not forget not to use wire brushes, they can damage your screen easily. In addition, you can begin with a microfiber towel to remove the dust from the screen.

cleaning an automobile dashboard


Repeating these steps every day can let you feel certain that your dashboard is clean and its life cycle will increase. Each time you want to clean your dash consider these simple steps and protect your beautiful dashboard. developing a cleaning plan daily will aid you to preserve your vehicle’s dash from any possible wear and damage. By this, you are sure that you have a spotless view to take pleasure in when you drive.

In this essay, we tried to help you to choose the best solutions when you want to have a clean area in your car. At first, we gave you a brief preface and then share the most practicable information about cleaning an automobile dashboard. Also, BrighteX offers you a wide range of cleaning services and automobile cleaning service is one of them. For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Click here!

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There are some cleaners that cannot be used for automobile dashboard. It is because dashboards are made of PVC and these materials can react negatively when exposed to certain chemicals.

It is possible to remove even stubborn stains from the interior of your vehicle. You can book an automobile cleaning service to see how our professional team clean any tough stain.

We recommend cleaning your car about two or three times a year. However, it will depend on the condition of the car and personal preferences if one desires to have an automobile cleaning service on a regular basis.

Depending on the condition of your vehicle, an automobile cleaning service process could take as little as 30 minutes or as long as a whole day.

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