Power washing a house is a cost-effective way to get rid of dirt from the exterior of your home and you can have a beautiful and clean house by using this practical technique. As you know, there is a lot of dirt, grime and dust, and even animals. Also, these factors will damage your exterior environment but there is a solution. Power washing can solve all these problems which is an easy way to make your home as nice as past and prevent damage. You can book a pressure washing service from BrighteX which is a professional cleaning service that offers you a wide range of services when it comes to how we can power wash a house.

In this essay, we will give you the most significant information you need when you want to know essential details about washing the power of a house. First, we will get familiarize you with how you can prepare your home for pressure washing, then we will describe the steps of using pressure washing briefly. we will mention the safety points accordingly. Follow us until the end!

How to prepare for power washing a house

Power washing a house

As it is clear, different kinds of pressure washers have different cleaning capacities. To know more about this, you can read carefully the instructions before starting to power washing. Having a spotless house exterior necessitates some hard work but the consequences are valuable and you will feel happy. In addition, to be reasonable pressure washing is not a magic wand for removing dirty spots very quickly but it can facilitate your exterior cleaning process. To keep your house clean, you only need to use this technique every few years. Also, you should pay attention to some important issues before you begin and it can be a little dangerous if you ignore safety measures.

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The points below will help you how to pressure wash a house and get rid of dirty sides.

Before You Start

It is a good idea to make sure about the local weather and opt for a mild day for power washing and it is better to go for power washing in spring or fall. You should not try to do this in summer which has strong sunny days. This will dry the cleaning substances before you wash the surface.

Selecting the Right Power Washer

Power washing a house

Another main factor that plays a vital role in cleaning your home exterior is what type of power washer you chose. Power washers cause a high-power water spray that is perfect for cleaning boats, sidewalks, and houses and they have various types.

If you do not have a power washer and decided to rent it from a supplier, that supplier or seller should guide you according to your needs.

Power Washing Safety Precautions

  • Power washers are enough strong to cut your skin rapidly or create blindness if it is near eye level. Therefore, never use this tool to wash your hands or feet.
  • The second tip is about the perilous relationship between water and electricity. To avoid this, cover any outlets and prevent water from getting inside.
  • Wear eye-protecting.
  • Do not use a ladder while you are using a power washer. Washer rebound can cause you to find yourself on the ground and hurt you seriously.

4 Steps to power washing a house

Power washing a house

In this part, we will mention 4 steps to power washing a home properly:

STEP 1: Make ready your house washing solution.

Combine the mildewcide in a five-gallon bin with water based on the instructions. Then, pour this mixture into the garden sprayer.

STEP 2: Prepare your pressure washer with the suitable nozzle and prepare for action.

Make ready the power washer so that it will be okay after you finished the garden sprayer. Suit the hose mount on the back of the power washer. Connect the garden hose to this mount and make certain that another side is connected to the spigot outside of the home.

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STEP 3: Spray and scrub siding from bottom to top.

Spray a part of your house with the mildewcide solution. Next, you should start scrubbing from the bottom side and go up gently

STEP 4: Don your goggles and do a pressure wash test on the scrubbed area.

After you finished scrubbing a small area, wear your eye protection and ensure that you have a 3-foot nozzle to the wall. Next, turn on the power washer. If this lets you get rid of dirt without difficulty or damage, keep on going. If grimes or dirt did not remove, go closer and begin your job again.


You may have imagined that power washing a house is a piece of cake, but as you understood, effectively cleaning your house’s exterior needs appropriate technique. Following those steps can ensure that your home is left without dirt and dust when you finish your work. Do not overlook picking up all important material before you begin and consider the points we mentioned above. If you tend to have a spotless exterior and you do not have sufficient time, you can count on BrighteX. We can do it all right for you. For any further help do not hesitate to send us messages. Click here!

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For doing power washing, you should check the weather. However, the best time to doing power washing is spring or fall.

You should never power wash stained wood, lead paint, old mortar, window, AC unit, and gutter.

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