Undoubtedly, all of you are somewhat familiar with the big and small details of housekeeping cleaning, but if you want to be more professional in housekeeping, it is better to follow this article from BrighteX to learn more housekeeping tips for cleaning the house. So stay with us.

Tips for housekeeping and floor cleaning

Floors are completely part of home decor, if you can keep them beautiful, you will have a visually attractive home without needing to change or invest much. To keep shiny floors, you need to know whether your floor is: wood, granite, ceramic tiles, etc. How to protect floors depends on the type of floor?

Cleaning ceramic floor and mosaic

The most important point of housekeeping cleaning in cleaning ceramic floors and mosaics is their easy cleaning ability to clean. By following the steps below, you will have no problem cleaning the ceramic floor and mosaic.

To clean the ceramic floor and mosaic, clean the floor completely with a vacuum cleaner or hand broom and sweep. Make sure that there is no dirt or objects such as food crumbs or hair left on the floor.

Now it’s time to wet wash. For this, you can simply wash it with warm water with a T-shower. All kinds of floor detergents and deodorizers can be found in the market, which you can use to clean ceramic floors and mosaics, but note that thick and strong detergents are not suitable for this purpose.

At the end and after the floor is dry, you can use a vacuum cleaner again to clean the ceramic floor and mosaic and remove possible remaining materials from the floor.

How to clean the wallpaper of the house?

housekeeping wallpaper cleaning

Housekeeping cleaning and wallpaper cleaning have various methods. To prevent wallpaper stains from lasting, you should clean the stains from the wallpaper as soon as possible. As much as possible, remove the dust and dirt from the wallpaper as soon as possible, because it dulls the wallpaper and gradually reduces its lustre and polish. It is better to clean the surface of the wallpaper from the bottom to the top. For easier washing, thin wallpapers can be washed with warm water without cleaning agents, and for thicker wallpapers, use a solution of warm water and mild soap.

Key points of housekeeping cleaning and carpet stain cleaning at home

To clean the stains on the carpet, you can use a mixture of liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide solution to remove all the stains in the shortest possible time.

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Tips for housekeeping cleaning and cleaning sofa stains

If there is a stain on your sofa, it is better to think about cleaning it before it gets old. For this purpose, you can use alcohol and a soft brush. If the stain is not removed, it is better to leave it to BrighteX experts, and Clean it like the first day.

Practical housekeeping cleaning tips about cleaning the mattress

On average, every person spends at least a third of his life sleeping, so housekeeping cleaning is very important and vital for the mattress. For this purpose, sprinkle baking soda and a fragrant essential oil on the surface of the mattress, then vacuum the mattress. Now your mattress is ready for a sweet sleep.

How to clean the gas stove?

housekeeping gas stove cleaning

To clean the gas stove, you should put these cast iron parts in warm soapy water and soak them. Clean the other parts that are under them with the help of special gas wipes that are also available in the market. In addition, you can successfully clean the gas stove with the help of special gas detergents and a sponge. For housekeeping cleaning, you can take a cloth in a bowl of soapy water and soak it completely. Then put the towel on the dirty and stained parts and let it stay for about 10 minutes. After this time, clean the gas well and enjoy it. Cleaning an electric oven is the same as cleaning a gas oven.

How to clean the showerhead?

For housekeeping cleaning the effects of lime and minerals on the shower head, is enough to pour an equal solution of water and vinegar into a plastic bag and close the shower head with a rubber band, after 15 to 20 minutes, open it and drain the water.

How to clean the chandelier?

Lamps or chandeliers are an important part of home decoration that provides light and make the house beautiful. But the chandeliers get dirty quickly due to the dust in the air and lose their original appearance. To clean the chandelier, you don’t always need to trouble yourself and separate its parts, but you can use the following solutions to turn on your chandelier without removing the parts.

  • Cleaning the chandelier using alcohol
  • Clean the chandelier with lukewarm water and vinegar
  • Use cotton gloves
  • Quick cleaning of the chandelier with a damp cloth

Benefits of professional housekeeping cleaning

You can spend a lot of time and energy keeping your house clean, but is it the best use of your time? The following are some of the benefits of hiring skilled Residential Cleaning:

You can relax and enjoy. With the help of a residential cleaning specialist, you can use your energy to work, study, watch movies, spend time with family members or just relax.

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Without touching anything, everything shines and everyone knows you as a clean and tasteful person!

Housekeeping cleaning makes the air in the house pleasant and the health of family members is not endangered.

Sometimes, even though you spend a lot of time on your housekeeping cleaning, the result is not what you expected, and you start to feel that you don’t like your house anymore, and you think of changing things or renovating your house. In such cases, the presence of an experienced person will help you a lot and turn the page! Maybe the floor of your house needs a basic cleaning instead of replacement, or your furniture can be washed again to look like the first day.

Cleanliness has a direct effect on the beauty of the home and makes you feel good about spending time at home.


If your house has a large area, you should seek the help of experienced residential cleaning professionals to clean it. Although the size of the house makes the work difficult, our forces have experience of cleaning houses above 1000 meters and can handle the job well. Apart from the issue of the quality of housekeeping cleaning, security and the need to use reliable workers without a bad background in the villa are more colourful and you should never use the traditional style of introducing people or Residential Cleaning ads. You certainly don’t want to find something missing from the house after the cleaner leaves!

We send the most reliable people that we have carefully selected to your home. By using BrighteX luxury home cleaning services, the possibility of such problems is zero for you, because BrighteX sends a skilled team of trusted male and female cleaners to the place to clean your villa, who do all the work as quickly as possible.


If some stains remain and are not cleaned, they will be difficult to remove later. It is best to clean your carpet as soon as something spills on it. 

Mix two cups of warm water with one tablespoon of dish soap, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Using a clean, white cloth, blot the stain with the mixture. (Make sure the rag is clean and fresh, like a paper towel, to avoid color transference.) Repeat blotting until the stain is gone.

We have many years of experiences and many people know us. Also you can search about our business and make sure about the information.

Our carpet cleaning process removes almost all carpet odors. But if this is not the case, we use deodorizers.
Whatever it is, rest assured that we will do our best to provide you with the best service.

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