Few of us think of cleaning out our washing machines, but it’s been a while since the repair experts admitted the concept of needing to clean the cleaning devices once in a while. There are numerous alternatives and people with diverse preferences to do the job, and one of the best choices is to clean a washing machine with vinegar.

Although cleaning the washing machine with vinegar seems like a common and simple solution, we should be aware of all the procedures and warnings. Moreover, we have different kinds of vinegar, and it raises the question of which one is the best. Let’s have a look at all those choices, warnings, and regulations in this article of brightex  to maximize the effectiveness of our work.

Why should we clean a washing machine?

Have you ever thought about the soap scum?! Or about mineral deposits and general detergent build-up?! Have you ever thought about what would happen if all the grunge would stick in the hoses of your machine?!

It will definitely restrict the water flow in the device. That’s why you need to schedule a monthly maintenance wash to be sure of your home’s general sanitary, the longevity of your devices, and the cleanliness of your clothes.

Nonetheless, we are not here to pile on your cleaning program but be sure that you absolutely require to place cleaning the washing machine into your plan. And to do it the right way, you need to learn how to clean a washing machine with vinegar.

Why should we clean a washing machine with vinegar

Which is best? Vinegar or bleach?

Loads of different ways you will encounter, while perusing the best solution. Which is the most appropriate for you? By choosing which kind of these diverse options, are you going to meet your requirements? Do you fall for the cheapest options, or do you generally consider the things like the ease of your accessibility and echo-friendly solutions?!

Although there are countless products out there with exceptionally broad advertisements on them, you should be more cautious about the harsh chemicals.

This time when you are considering washing your machine, instead of simply going for the easiest ready-to-use products, consider that you can clean a washing machine with vinegar, which is absolutely a wise and eco-friendly choice.

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which one is the best to clean a washing machine with vinegar?

Which type of vinegar?

When you finally come to this conclusion to obtain a natural approach and clean a washing machine with vinegar, then there is no need to make a purchase, just go to your pantry room and take advantage of this precious natural substance.

We can find this simultaneously effective and inexpensive material in different types, like white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and red wine vinegar. The difference is in their acidity level, and in cleaning projects such as removing grease and stains, the white one turns out to be the most effective option to clean a washing machine with vinegar.

which type of vinegar is better to clean a washing machine with vinegar?

Reasons to clean a washing machine with vinegar

Don’t consider it just a run-of-the-mill substance. It can be super effective for cleaning a washing machine with vinegar. You can easily exploit the vinegar to get rid of all the awful adores spreading in the area or the mold lurking inside of the machine. Moreover, if you want to have brighter, whiter, and softer clothes after being washed by the machine, then give it a shot to use vinegar.

To dissolve any residue buildup that may limit the performance of your appliance, you can place distilled white vinegar in the dispensers. We also should take into our consideration the environmentally friendly aspects of this material. Another advantage of using vinegar is that it will help reduce pet hair stuck to your clothes. To make a long story short, don’t look at it just as a food ingredient, and make sure to make the best use of it.

How to use vinegar

There are different gradual steps in order to clean a washing machine with vinegar, which are all mentioned below:

  • In cleaning the rubber seals

This is the first and almost the most important step in cleaning the washing machine. To properly clean it, first prepare a mixture of hot water, white vinegar bicarbonate of soda in your basin. Then run a sponge over the most accessible areas and finish the procedure with a toothbrush.

  • Cleansing the product bin

When you use detergents and softeners for clothes, they will leave traces in the tray. For more efficient cleaning, place the product bin in your basin, filled with hot water and white vinegar (60% water and 40% white vinegar), and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then scrub the remaining with the help of a sponge or an old toothbrush. To complete the process, let it dry or wipe it with a clean towel.

  • Drum cleaning

When you are done with the bin, then go for the drum impurities. Pour 1 L of white vinegar and half of a mustard glass of bicarbonate of soda directly into the drum of your machine. Then regulate it on its longest run and highest temperature; there would be no space for bacteria to live on.

  • The exterior of your machine

Now it’s time for the outside of your machine. To do this, fill a basin with hot water and pour in ¼ of white vinegar (dose according to the amount of water). Then, use a sponge to clean all the accessible areas plus the window if there are any. Finally, use clean water to clear them all and a clean rag to wipe the body.

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considering the reasons of cleaning washing machine with vinegar

Whatever your choice, vinegar or bleach, do not mix them!

It should definitely be avoided, and here is why: Bleach is made of sodium hypochlorite, and vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid. When these two materials are mixed, it releases potentially lethal chronic gas, which is extremely dangerous to breathe. It can cause health damage for both you and your pets.

It is even likely to irritate your eyes, throat, and nose at the lowest levels. You can use both (vinegar and bleach) for cleaning but not concurrently. Once you decide to clean a washing machine with vinegar, don’t go for bleach.

To sum up

It is now clear that you should add washing machine cleaning to your disinfecting plans, and it would be great to clean a washing machine with vinegar based on the previously mentioned criteria. Choose the right one, be careful about the warnings and easily use the most accessible natural material existing in your house.

If you need a hand, don’t hesitate to call us or book online in Brightex, we are here to provide you with the best quality services with professional staff in residential cleaning that is capable of easing the cleaning process for you.



Because all soap scum, mineral deposits and detergents stick to the hoses of the machine.

It is better to use a natural and eco-friendly solution. So, it seems to be best to clean a washing machine with vinegar, especially white vinegar. 

Not at all; avoid using them simultaneously, but you can use them both in your cleaning programs separately. 

By using that, you will end up with brighter clothes, a cleaner environment, and a more sanitary house. 

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