The dryer vent inside is different. The reason is that such models are curved and long, so lint collects in corners and bends. Lint accumulation is very high if cleaning tools and equipment are used to do the job. Likewise, a regular vacuum cleaner may not remove all the lint, thus requiring a powerful air compressor.

Cleaning intervals depend on the installation and model of the dryer. If you have a large building, it has preventive maintenance in the form of dryer installation. Here, I have an in-depth analysis of the steps you should follow when cleaning a dryer vent that goes through the roof.

You have prepared the ingredients

Before starting to practice, you should collect the dryer vent cleaning tools for the residential, workplace, and commercial roofs. Here is a list of what you need.

A receiving rod with a rotating brush. I suggest a nylon rod because it can move in the air vent.

  • Air compressor with hose connection
  • The ladder
  • Rubber gloves
  • Screw
  • Small lint brush
  • Vacuum ventilator
  • Slot tool
  • Nest Removal Tool
  • Electric drill to connect items
  • Helmet and anti-slip boots

To clean the dryer vent of the ceiling, you need a long reception bar that is attached to the air pressure. One end of the rod contains a small rotary brush to eliminate dirt. It also gets rid of lint or cracks along the duct.

Another reason I choose the rod is that it can move in curves and corners. The nylon rod is very varied and you can attach brushes to remove the lint. For example, you can attach a brush to clean the vents. A rotating brush has small rollers that collect the villi along. For tall buildings and basements, you can make a longer rod that can reach all ears.

First, clean the dryer vent valve from the inside

clean dryer vent valve

Before climbing the roof, you must clean the dryer vent from the inside.

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Drag the dryer vent from the wall and unlock that connects the channel to the exhaust pipe. Attach a brush to the vacuum cleaner using a brush. Remove the dryer vent surface heat and gently lower the vacuum tube inside the Vent. Then, turn on the power to activate the rotary brush or ventilator brush. Allow the machine to kill the lint and other products.

To clean the dryer vent from the roof of the building After cleaning the Vent from the inside, the next step is to climb the ceiling and clear the vints through the output of the vent.

To buy, provide safety equipment such as a helmet or boots, or anti-slip shoes to climb the ceiling. If the air vent is too long, look for a longer rod to clean the entire area.

I recommend the dryer vent Smart House Inc. Cleaner Kit from Amazon to clean the dryer vent on the roof. This is a complete package that must have everything they need to get started. However, for complex cleaning, there are other dryer vent cleaning tools you can buy.

The advantage of the nylon rod is that it is easy to accept and easy to clean on the ceiling. In addition, it closes in the form of a vent. Finally, it has a dryer duct connection that can be fastened to the air or drilled for quick cleaning.

Seal and remove other things to protect the ventilator

Inspect the shield to select objects that may prevent it. Occasionally, you will notice that the ventilator cap is tightly attached using a sealant.

You should get rid of the sealing without damaging your roof. I recommend looking for BrighteX professionals for this because it needs the tools you need.

Open the ventilator or cap

Open the ventilator or cap for clean dryer vent

You can use a screwdriver to open the screws. Do not throw them away because they are used to reconnect the air. For the desired result, an electric drill can be used to attach a screw or nail. It is also useful for connecting channel brushes to units.

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Open and clean the ventilator cap

Next, open the vent door and start cleaning the dryer vent on the roof. It turned out that many lints were gathered in the vent. Insert the ventilator brush and rotate it for a long time to clear the lint. Repeat this procedure until another lint is stuck to the hair.

Lower the cleaning rod inside the vent. The rotating brush passes through the compressor through the strong air. A program that moves down through the Vent pulls out the lint to clean without staining.

Close the air conditioner

Wrap the dryer vent shield on the roof. If the situation is terrible, you should change it immediately or contact BrighteX. To prevent water from penetrating, it is very important to seal it.

dryer vent Cleaning from within

If many lints have blocked the system, there is a need to clean from the inside. This is a complex task that requires specialized services because it involves removing the device from the inside.

dryer vent that goes to the roof

Last word

The dryer vent service on your roof every five years can be as fast as you can, with less power, and more durability.

There are many risks associated with dryer vent outputs on unmanageable roofs. These events with dryer vent cleaning on the roof are acceptable. If it is a conduit, you should seek help from an expert. Contact BrighteX today and get more information.


  • It takes more than one cycle to clean clothes.
  • Your laundry room is warm during the dryer is working.
  • There is a musty smell coming from the clothes.
  • The dryer’s surrounds and behind are clogged with lint.

If you don’t clean your dryer vent, it may cause fire according to US reports.

It is your right to doubt. We have proven and professional experience in cleaning services. We have been working for years in Canada and our trained team has a mission; to work in high quality.

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