A clean carpet is one of the most important appliances that have been in homes for a long time and carpet cleaning tips can help you. The beauty and cleanliness of these carpets are combined with the beauty of the interior decoration of the house. For this reason, it should be well taken care of and maintained. Washing it is also very important.

But you should know that if you do not know how to wash the carpet, it is better to get help from a reliable carpet cleaner and expert people. So that you can take good care of your carpet and increase its lifespan. In this article from the BrighteX blog, we tried to provide you with tips and methods to increase the life of carpets so that you, dear ones, can have a better and more appropriate performance in maintaining your carpets. So stay with us until the end of this article.

Solutions to keep the carpet clean and extend its life

Carpet Cleaning Tip

Some solutions and methods can be followed to increase the life of the carpet and maintain it in the best way. Factors to prevent carpet clean from getting dirty include keeping it clean and vacuuming it regularly, washing the carpet with a correct and principled method, performing methods to prevent carpet rot and wear, not placing it in direct sunlight, not Persistence of stains on the carpet and timely and proper washing, not placing items that cause moisture in the carpet, such as vases, etc.

Correct use of a vacuum cleaner for carpet clean

A carpet cleaning tip for you to be able to sweep your carpet clean well, you must know that when sweeping, move the vacuum cleaner head in the direction of the piles of the carpet and repeat this work in all parts of the carpet so that it is well cleaned of all dirt and dust. But pay attention to removing the objects and equipment on the carpet before vacuuming. Do this slowly and carefully. Repeat this process several times to clean the carpet satisfactorily. Try to do this once every few days so that your carpet stays clean and has a longer lifespan.

Carpet washing in a principled and professional manner

Another carpet cleaning tip for washing your carpet correctly is using excellent detergents and a proper method so as not to damage the carpet. But if you don’t have enough knowledge and information, it is better to identify a reliable and professional carpet cleaning and leave your carpet cleaning to them so that the experts of these companies can clean and wash it properly.

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Prevent carpet wear

To prevent the wear of carpet clean at home, try to turn your carpets around once in a while so that they wear evenly. Because the carpet may be placed in an area of ​​the house where part of it is exposed to traffic and the other part is not. This causes a clean carpet to wear out in the high-traffic area. The next thing in this regard is when the carpet is under the door. For this purpose, try to adjust the door in such a way that it does not have much contact with the carpet during rotation.

Prevent carpet clean from getting wet

Carpet Cleaning Tip

The carpet cleaning tip to prevent the carpet clean from getting wet is better to observe some things. The first thing is that you should not place your carpet in areas that are exposed to water and humidity, such as in front of the bathroom door or inside the bathroom and toilet. Because this causes the carpet to rot.

To remove the wetness of the carpet, you can use a clean and dry towel. In this way, put the handkerchief or dry towel on the wet carpet and press it a little. Repeat this for several minutes and several times. If the towel gets wet, replace it with another dry towel. Continue this until the carpet is dry. The wetness of the carpet clean, in addition to rotting, also causes mould and fungus in it, and there are methods to remove mould on the carpet at home that you can use.

Avoid sunlight

Sunlight has different effects on a clean carpet. But in general, it causes loss of thread and texture of the carpet, fading, and damage to its colour. The lower the quality of the carpet, the more serious the damage caused by sunlight. But quality carpets are not far from this damage. The rays in the sunlight destroy the texture of the carpet and reduce its lifespan in the long run. So it is better not to expose your carpet clean to sunlight.

Quick removal of carpet stains and dirt

If your carpet clean is stained and contaminated, try to clean and remove the stain quickly because the high durability of stains and pollution on the carpet causes these specks of dirt to go into the texture and weave of the carpet and cause it to disappear and damage it. Also, this will not remove the stain completely. So when the stain remains on the carpet, it is not easy to remove it, and in some cases, it cannot be removed anymore.

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Placing the vase on the carpet

Placing a vase on a clean carpet is one of the things that will damage the carpet in the long run. Because the pots need to be watered and keep moisture in them, this moisture and water may spread to the carpet and in the long run, it will cause the texture and weave of the carpet to rot and destroy it.

One of the carpet cleaning tips to renew the carpet is to completely wash the carpet. Sometimes it becomes necessary to completely wash the carpet, and none of the carpet renewal methods can be as effective in renewing the carpet as complete washing. If you have the opportunity to wash the carpet at home, you must be very careful when washing carpet.  But it is better to have the carpet washed once a year by a reputable carpet cleaner. Thorough washing of the carpet will make it look as clean and shiny as the first day.

Carpet Cleaning Tip


BrighteX carpet cleaning provides quality and convenient services to its customers. Using the most advanced devices and employing skilled and experienced workers, this carpet cleaner has provided all kinds of carpet cleaning services with the highest quality and the most basic methods to its customers. Dear friends, you can contact the experts of this company to get more information and inquire about carpet cleaning tips and prices and benefit from their guidance.


Your carpet can be affected by the sun in more ways than one. Furthermore, it can make carpet fibres brittle and even decompose in rare cases. Your carpet will eventually wear out from repeated exposure and must be replaced.

Most affordable vacuums have a part called a beater bar or brush roll. If you have wool or woven carpet, then a vacuum with a beater bar can damage the fibres that make up the carpet. 

The answer depends on the household. If you have children, pets, or a large family in general, you will need cleaning more often than if you don’t. The frequency is usually between six and twelve months.

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