The importance of power washing the walls and facade of the building is one of the things that should be considered before painting the facade of the building. Unlike interior walls that only require a simple cleaning, exterior walls must be thoroughly washed before painting. But why is this washing important and how can it be done?

ّImportance of power washing for house facades before painting

importance of power washing

The importance of power washing for a house facade is because it is the first step of preparing the walls for painting the facade. Whether you want it or not, the external walls of your house have been exposed to much pollution and may even be damaged. Therefore, if these problems are not solved, you will not have a uniform and beautiful colour. Also, the fact that the walls are dirty makes the paint not sit well on the wall and it disappears very quickly.

It is not obvious this problem exists the moment you paint the wall, but when the paint dries, the paint will fall off the wall after a very short time and you will have to paint the wall again. No one wants their hard work of a few days to disappear so quickly. Here the importance of power washing shows itself precisely and completely for the walls.

How to wash and clean the facade of the building?

Knowing the importance of power washing the walls, now we need to know how we can do this very important work. Washing the facade of the building is possible in two ways. Manually, which is time-consuming but can be more accurate, with the help of power washing a house, which will speed up your work. We take a look at these two methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Washing the building manually

Tools needed to wash the facade of the building manually

  • To wash the building manually, you need a bucket, a few brushes, a trowel (for smoothing and levelling the damaged surfaces), and TSP.

Advantages of building facades by hand

  • The accuracy of doing the work when washing is done manually is a little higher.
  • When doing manual washing, you can also see and fix other problems on the wall.
  • Many believe that manual washing cleans the walls more than water pressure washing.
  • It is cheaper to wash the facade manually.

Disadvantages of washing the facade of the building manually

  • Washing the external walls of the house manually is not an easy task. But it is time-consuming and may be dangerous. Especially if you constantly have to go up and down the ladder.
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How to wash the facade of the building manually?

importance of power washing

  • Naturally, you cannot wash the entire exterior walls of the house in one day. Therefore, it is better to consider one wall as your goal every day so that your mind is not constantly occupied with finishing the work.
  • Any contamination that is stuck to the walls, or the unevenness that has been created on the wall should be removed before anything else and the wall should be smooth.
  • After you have removed these contaminants and repaired the damage, spray the wall from top to bottom with a sprinkler hose that is often used for watering gardens.
  • If you can, use a solution of water and TSP to wash the wall to make it cleaner. After this step, pouring water on the wall once is enough to destroy the chemicals in the solution.
  • After washing the wall, you should let at least 24 to 48 hours pass, then start painting the facade of the house

House facade power washing

Tools required for building facade power wash

  • You need to rent or buy a special machine for this, a machine that sprays water out under pressure. In addition, you may also need a sponge, detergent, a bucket of water, and a ladder.

Benefits of facade power washing a house

  • It is easier than washing manually.
  • You can wash a wide area of ​​the wall in a short time. Therefore, its speed is much higher than manual washing and it is safer.

importance of power washing

Disadvantages of facade power wash

  • Water pressure can make damaged areas worse.
  • Because there is no high precision, the contaminants that are placed in the seams or deeper on the walls may not be removed.

How to power wash the facade of the building?

As mentioned, for power washing the facade of a house, you need to get this device first. Therefore, it is necessary to know the types of water pressure devices:

Water pressure devices are available in two forms, electric and gas. Since you want to wash the facade of the building, you will not need a machine with very high pressure. Most devices with a pressure of 1000 to 1500 (known as PSI) are suitable for this purpose. If you want to wash a two-story building or larger, usually gas devices with special pipes in their opening will be suitable for washing.

Washing steps:

importance of power washing

First, you need to prepare your work environment. If you have a yard that is full of tall trees, to prevent damage to them, when you want to power wash the facade, cover the trees with a cloth or plastic so that the foliage is not damaged by the pressure.

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In the first step, you should focus on the parts of the facade that have visible contamination or minor damage. With the low pressure of the device, try to even out the parts of the wall that are broken or damaged. The remaining ruins should fall so that you can first repair the damaged points and continue your work.

Remove the mould on the wall or the gaps created by using a sponge and a solution of water and Vitex.

Start washing the facade of the building with power washing a house and special detergents. To do this, be sure to pay attention to the instructions and settings of the device you have prepared.

You should leave the detergent on the walls for 10 minutes. Then, using the water pressure device, use the empty water for the final washing of the facade. Do the final wash from top to bottom so that the contaminated water that flows down does not spoil the facade.

If it took you a few weeks to paint the wall, it is better to wash the walls once again with the power wash machine and start painting after a few hours.

Final words

We talked about the importance of power washing because painting the facade of the building is not very simple and requires special preparation steps, the most essential of which is the power wash of the walls. Depending on the time you have and the money you want to spend on this, you can choose one of the manual washing methods and power washing a house. Keep this in mind, you must have the power and time to wash the walls manually and then paint them because this process is long and will take a lot of your time and energy.

Therefore, before you want to start working yourself, it might be better to consult BrighteX experienced experts in this field, and if you do not intend to wash it yourself, BrighteX Residential power washing a house with its unique facilities is at your disposal, to contact the building manager. Express your problems and ask for adequate explanations from the collection management. What do you think? What is the importance of power washing in your opinion?


Power washing involves using a pressure washer and pressurized water to clean exterior surfaces.

It is sufficient to power wash surfaces once a year. You may need to increase the frequency of power washing depending on the materials used to build the surface and the current condition of the surface.

Power washing may damage your house if standards are not followed. You can hire professionals to do power washing and never worry about it.

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