Tags are sometimes useful and practical. These labels can include labels for food jars or decorations for a child’s room. But sometimes you don’t need them anymore and have to separate them differently. So removing sticker residue and other adhesive substances is an essential life skill (especially if you have a toddler who enjoys putting stickers of unicorns or dinosaurs on everything!).

Different methods include hot water and soap, nail polish remover, vinegar, etc., to remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances. But these methods are not suitable for all levels. This article will teach you how to remove stickers and annoying adhesive residues from all surfaces, including plastic and flares, glass containers, door and window glass, clothes, walls, and wood.

How to remove adhesive labels from plastic and metal

It is a bit difficult to separate labels from plastic and metal surfaces because compounds and chemicals can damage these materials and any abrasive object can create dents on them. But here we teach you an effective and excellent method.

Items needed:

  1. Hairdryer
  2. Eraser
  3. A large bowl for washing
  4. Sponge for washing dishes
  5. Towel or a soft and clean cloth
  6. Oil
  7. Detergent
  8. Hot water
  • Remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances

Remove as much of the sticker from the surface as you can. To avoid scratching the surface, use a fingernail or an old credit card instead of a knife.

Tip: If possible, keep the label moist and do not let it dry. If the sticker dries, your job will be much more difficult.

  • Use an eraser

Use regular erasers to remove small stickers from surfaces. Pull the eraser firmly on the sticker to remove it little by little. If you’re lucky and the sticker comes off with the eraser, you’re done with this step, but if there’s still a sticky residue on the surface, it’s time to move on to the next step, using vegetable oil.

Note: Always protect your hands and skin.

  • Use oil

Using a squeegee, apply oil to the sticky label. You don’t need a lot of oil at this stage, and only covering the sticky area is enough. If you don’t have oil, you can use olive oil.

Note: Use oil only on smooth surfaces as it will stain clothes and wood.

  • Let the oil remain on the surface

You should leave the oil to soak for at least half an hour at this stage. Ideally, let the oil sit on the surface for more than two hours.

  • Use a hair dryer

Use a hair dryer to remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances. Use a warm (not hot) temperature to avoid damaging surfaces.

  • Wash the surface with hot water

Fill a bowl with hot water and add washing-up liquid. Place the squeegee on the remaining label. The sticker should now come off easily. Do not use rough or wire squeegees as they may scratch the surface.

  • Dry the surface

To remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances, dry the surface as much as possible using a clean towel or a clean soft cloth. An old t-shirt is also suitable for this purpose.

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The method of removing sticker residue and other adhesive substances from glass containers

If you want to remove labels from jars (like jam jars), use the steps below.

remove sticker residue from glasses
  • Let the glass soak in hot water and wet foam

Soak the glass in hot water and soap (or any other washing liquid) for at least half an hour.

  • Remove the label as much as possible

Placing the glass in water and foam loosens the labels. Using Scotch or a washing brush helps to remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances. If the sticker is still on the glass, dip the squeegee in nail polish remover and run it over the glass.

  • Use vinegar

If the label remains on the glass, soak it overnight in diluted vinegar. To dilute the vinegar, mix one part vinegar with three parts water. (If the glass is still not completely clear, use equal parts white vinegar and water and soak it again). Instead of vinegar, you can apply oil on the sticker residue and let it soak.

  • Erase the remnants of the label

Use a microfiber cloth (or a small nail brush) to remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances from the glass.

The method of removing sticker residue and other adhesive substances from door and window glass

The new stickers on the windows are easily removed, but the old remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances require more effort. Sometimes these stickers leave an unpleasant residue that makes the glass look dirty. In these cases, follow the steps below:

removing sticker residue from window
  • Moisten the label

Place a cloth under warm water. Moisten the window sticker using this wet cloth.

  • Dip the cloth in nail polish remover and draw on the label

Dip the cloth in an acetone-based remover and rub it over the glass sticker.

  • Clean the glass with detergent

Clean the window glass using hot water and soap or window cleaner.

  • Lift the remnants of the label with a sharp object

The steps above should be enough to remove the sticker. But if you see any residue, you can use a knife, cutter blade, or glass blade. Be careful not to scratch your hand (or the glass itself) while doing this.

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The method of removing sticker residue and other adhesive substances from clothes

Most clothing tags should come off without any trouble. But, if you happen to wash the garment with the label and then leave it to dry (or put it in the dryer), your job becomes more difficult. So act quickly with the help of the following steps:

remove sticker residue from clothes
  • First, check the garment care label

Before you start, check the garment care label first and proceed accordingly. Use the right detergent for each type of clothing, for example, if the clothes are made of silk or wool, use special detergents.

  • Remove the label

Gently peel off the sticker as much as you can. For this purpose, use nails and do not use sharp objects that can tear the fabric.

  • Rub the sticker in detergent

Using rubber gloves, apply a good quality laundry detergent directly to the sticky area. You can also use a special adhesive and label cleaner. But before that, check the product label to make sure it is suitable for the fabric.

  • Wash the clothes

Wash the clothes in the washing machine or by hand. Adjust the temperature according to the fabric, but generally use a setting of 40 degrees (or less). Temperatures higher than this can make the problem worse.

  • If necessary, repeat this work

If there is still label residue on the fabric after washing, repeat steps three and four before drying the garment. For thicker clothes, you can scratch the label with your fingernail or the edge of a spoon to remove it.

The method of removing sticker residue and other adhesive substances from porcelain dishes

You need hot water and foam to remove sticker residue and other adhesive substances stubborn from mugs and other porcelain. You can make your work easier by soaking the dishes for half an hour before squeegeeing on the label.

You can use nail polish remover if you cannot wet the dishes or if the sticker is too sticky.

The conclusion

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  1. Using an eraser, vegetable oil and hair dryer worked great, thank you.

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