Kitchen cleaning is very important for many families, entertaining and eating always take place right in the kitchen, which means you not only want a clean kitchen for cooking, but also enough space for more family interaction. And for this reason, kitchen cleaning and its organization are considered important and necessary for the layout of your home and its functionality.

For those with small kitchens, space means using every nook and cranny. Sure, you can remodel your kitchen, but without BrighteX‘s tricks, you might be missing out on great kitchen spaces and opportunities! Before starting work, read this article carefully so that we can help you have the most beautiful kitchen.

Why is kitchen cleaning important?

These so-called simple kitchen hacks will help you maximize your storage space. Also, it allows you to keep your kitchen tidy… but that’s not the whole story! We’re not going to tell you about some handy kitchen hacks that make cleaning super easy and quick! When it comes to cleaning at home, the kitchen should be your priority. Why? Because food is where it’s at, and who wants the place where they store and eat their food to be disgusting?

  • Make a place like a spice cabinet for kitchen cleaning

Spices and herbs play a big role in cooking for many people, and these wooden spice packets can take up a lot of storage space. Using a spice rack that is installed on the cabinet door allows you to keep your spices organized and use the space. It also gives you the option to use your cabinets to store something else, like pots. Don’t want to pay a lot of money for a spice rack or make a hole in your cabinets? This method is a masterpiece!

  • Use a collapsible rack to store bottles

Place a folding shelf on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator to keep bottles (lemonade, soda, water, etc.) next to it.

store bottles

  • Get rid of bad smells in your kitchen

Get rid of bad smells with essential oils for kitchen cleaning! If you find your kitchen smelling a little or you just want to reminisce about mom’s chocolate chip cookies, you can easily do so with some vanilla extract. Put the two lids completely inside the oven-proof container and then place them in your oven for one hour at 300 degrees. The smell permeates your kitchen as well as other parts of your home for almost a day. If you want, you can also try other essential oils like lemon.

  • Avoid clogging the kitchen!

To prevent clogging in your kitchen sink, make sure to run boiling water down the drain periodically. By doing this, it ensures that the oil in the food products, against the sediment on the inner surface of the pipes, causes the drainage of the sewage, and this leads to the clogging of the sewers.

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Baking soda is a great cleaning agent and can help absorb any odours.

  • Clean your stainless-steel appliances with glass cleaner

Clean the dishwasher with a microfiber cloth! Glass cleaner gives your sink and appliances the same streak-free shine as it does for glass and mirrors. Using a glass cleaner will also help remove any fingerprints. Just spray a few times on a microfiber cloth and then rinse and dry your towel thoroughly.

  • Clean your stainless steel utensils with flour

Stainless Steel Flour for kitchen cleaning! Don’t want to use glass cleaner because of the chemicals? Just rub some dry flour on a microfiber cloth and place it in your machine, sink, or counter. Then wash it off and the surface should shine like new.

  • Clean your silverware and knives with rust stains using lemon juice

Finally, stainless silverware and cooking knives can tarnish and rust, especially if you use the dishwasher to clean them. Just take your rusty silverware and cutlery and soak them in a glass of lemon juice for a few minutes. The rust loosens and is easy to remove… just make sure to dry it afterward!

silverware and knives cleaning

  • Clean your oven with baking soda

Kitchen cleaning with baking soda! You can easily clean your grill with some baking soda, water, and a touch of elbow grease.

  • Clean your wooden cutting boards with lemon and salt

You may think your wooden cutting board is clean, but it can still stain the surface even if you wipe it down after use or give it a quick rinse. To freshen the cutting board, sprinkle some coarse salt and then wash the board using half a lemon (the cut part). Make sure to squeeze some lemon juice and then let it sit for 5 minutes. Scrape off the dirty liquid and then wash it with some water.

  • Clean your microwave

It seems so easy to blow up food in the microwave, resulting in messes that eventually have to be cleaned up. Make it easy by placing a damp sponge inside the microwave and then spritzing the inside with a mixture of water and essential oils. Put the sponge in the microwave for two minutes, let it cool, and then use it to wipe off the remaining mixture.

  • Clean your cast iron pans

Do not use soap on cast iron to clean it. Instead, just add some coarse salt and sprinkle it on the bottom of the dish. Take some paper towels and rub the inside of the container. Heat gently over low heat to get rid of any excess moisture to prevent rusting.

  • Refresh your dishwasher with vinegar for kitchen cleaning!

Your dishwasher probably never needs cleaning because it regularly cleans itself and the dishes every time you run it, but it’s good to give it a refresh every once in a while. Just run a cycle with vinegar and then put them to wash!

  • Be sure to wash and refresh your trash can

Wash your trash can, dry it, and then sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda in the bottom to get rid of the bad smell.

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Last word

If you would like to entrust the cleaning of your home or kitchen cleaning to skilled and specialized people, you can place your order in BrighteX right now. BrighteX introduces you to experienced people in residential cleaning with high sensitivity and precision. The high quality of the service and the clarity of the service cost are considered to be one of its most important advantages.


If you have new wooden kitchen, you should not be concern about using chemical cleaners. But if you have traditional wooden products in your kitchen, you must be careful about cleaning them. For them you can use homemade cleaners.

We highly recommend you to search about your wooden product and which cleaner you should use for it. You also can book a service and make sure you have clean kitchen without any concern.

White vinegar is a good natural cleaner. It has 5% acetic acid, which has antimicrobial properties.

Cleaning kitchen surfaces like stovetops, tables, and counters is also easier with it since it cuts through grease and grime.

It is your right to doubt. We have proven and professional experience in cleaning services. We have been working for years in Canada and our trained team has a mission; to work in high quality.

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