As can be seen, upholstery furniture can be dirty like our clothes. It gets dirty daily which is important for cleaning dirty upholstery furniture. You can try a quick search on the internet and deliver the best answers according to your needs. Besides all google results, there is one essay here where you can find several helpful points at the same time, without any requirement to visit five pages together to achieve what you need. We attempted to provide the most practical points and issues that are possible and necessary to know for cleaning dirty upholstery furniture.

Here, you can find that cleaning upholstery is a simple task to do. But you should pay attention to details and do the steps correctly. Upholstery furniture is the most used furniture in our houses and offices, therefore it deserves good care. There is different dirt that are enough reasons for cleaning dirty upholstery furniture. Before starting any cleaning technique you should read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the tips accordingly.

Here, you can read what we found about cleaning dirty upholstery furniture:

Pay attention to the code before you begin 

In 1969, furniture producers started to add a tag to aid you to distinguish the most appropriate way to clean upholstery. Therefore, you should check these tags and then keep on going:

Code W

The upholstery can be cleaned only with water-based cleaning products.

Code S

If you see this tag, you should use a dry cleaning or water-free cleaning product to remove stains.

Code W-S

If there is a W-S tag on your upholstery furniture, you can have two cleaning solutions, meaning that, you are able to use water-based or water-free cleaning products.

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Code X

When you have the X, do not use any kind of cleaning products, these fabrics should only be cleaned by vacuuming.

If you found a cleaning tag on your upholstery furniture, you are lucky and can start your work by considering the points which are mentioned above. But if there is no label or tag, you can do a test in the hidden part to make sure your solution does not create problems. Do not forget not to apply too much water to clean your furniture, this can cause mould and mildew which is very difficult to clean.

cleaning dirty upholstery furniture

How to clean dirty upholstery furniture

In this part, we share the steps you should follow in cleaning your dirty upholstery furniture:


It is very vital that upholstery is vacuumed often to maintain the fabric in a suitable shape and stop dust from settling into the furniture. You do not know how a simple vacuum can let you not have a stain on your upholstery furniture. it is a good action if vacuuming is the first step of your cleaning. Also, you should consider the codes which we explained above.

Check for Cleaning Instructions

The second step is that you should check the manufacturer’s instructions. This will allow you to find the best method to get rid of stains. Some upholstery furniture can be spotless with water, while some of them need different solvents.

Here, we described the phases of cleaning a piece of soiled and dirty upholstery furniture as follows:

Clean, Phase 1

In this phase, you can clean the upholstery furniture with your fingers and wish that this solution is all you necessitated. If your furniture can be spotless with water, combine a little dish soap with cold water and use a sponge. Smudge the stain with the soap mixture so that you can find the upholstery clean again.

cleaning dirty upholstery furniture

Clean, Phase 2

If phase one does not solve the problem, it turns to go for some tough cleaners. You should provide or choose cleaner products. BrighteX offers a professional cleaning service for cleaning dirty upholstery furniture that can solve your problems with high quality.

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Rinse and Repeat

If you use cleaner but the stain has remained, you can do the same process again and again. Even if you do not achieve the result you tend, you can call for a professional from BrighteX. Our experts are here to give you the best directions!

Finally, Time to Celebrate!

Sometimes some stains look impossible to clean. It is true that some stains are stubborn but they can be cleaned with more effort and use strong cleaners. Therefore, all kinds of stains can be removed by utilizing the most suitable method. After all these steps, you can have your upholstery furniture as new as before and celebrate what you achieved!


BrighteX provided you with useful points in this essay, we hope that they are practical to copy this link and send it to your friends. Please leave your comments below to help us to obtain more helpful information. In addition, for any questions or inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

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Generally, these tags include instructions for storing the product and determining whether it is flammable to ensure the consumer is making an informed decision.

It is important to have furniture labels because they provide information about the creator as well as the piece of furniture.

In some cases, you can dry your furniture, but some cushions may take up to 24 hours to dry fully, depending on their fillings.

Every 12 to 24 months, our upholstery cleaning service recommends that you have your upholstery cleaned.

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